By applying our extensive experience in this highly technical industry, Resolvex has discovered several new molecular entities with specifically targeted MOAs which we believe can be successfully developed into effective therapeutic agents for chronic diseases that affect millions of people worldwide. Currently, Resolvex has two drug programs in development: RLV102 and RLV147.

RLV102—a Novel PDE4 Inhibitor

RLV102 has been identified as a first-in-class PDE4 inhibitor which is a key modulator of the inflammatory process. 
In vitro testing using human immune cells has demonstrated that RLV102 significantly downregulates the protein expression of multiple key pro-inflammatory cytokines at sub-toxic doses. These unique features of RLV102 make it an ideal candidate for anti-inflammatory therapeutic applications. Currently, Resolvex is developing RLV102 into an orally delivered treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and a topically delivered treatment for inflammatory skin diseases.

RLV102 as a novel treatment for IBD

IBD is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting approximately 2.8 million people in USA alone and the incidence in the young people between the ages of 15-40 is very high. IBD is estimated to cost the healthcare system more than US$6 billion per year. The inflammation of the digestive system in the IBD patients causes debilitating nausea, pain, diaarhea, cramping and weight loss. Currently available therapies include steroids, antibiotics, immunosuppressants, salicyclate compounds and biological immunomodulators. Approximately 40% of patients do not respond to any existing therapies. RLV102 has demonstrated dose-dependent efficacy in a DSS-induced mouse colitis model. With the encouraging pre-clinical efficacy/safety/tolerability data, RLV102 is well positioned to be a potentially novel and effective therapy for IBD.

RLV102 as a novel topical therapy for skin inflammatory diseases

The market of the topical therapies for the inflammatory skin diseases is greater than US$4 billion annually. There is a major need for new therapeutics that are both safer and more effective than the commonly used corticosteroids (short term use only), immunosuppressants (long term safety risks) and biologics (very expensive). RLV102 is well positioned to meet these needs as a non-steroidal, non-immunosuppressant anti-inflammatory agent that is anticipated to be safe for long-term use. Due to it’s ability to inhibit lymphocyte activity and the expression of multiple inflammatory mediators, RLV102 represents a significant opportunity across multiple skin inflammatory indications. Furthermore, in a preliminary hospital test, patients with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis responded positively to topical RLV012. With this preliminary data on patients, the development risks for RLV102 are theoretically reduced at this very early stage of development. 

RLV147—a Multiple Kinase Inhibitor with Low Toxicity

RLV147 demonstrates very low toxicity when tested against various cell types and has also been demonstrated to inhibit multiple protein kinases. In addition, RLV147 downregulates multiple key pro-inflammatory cytokines when tested in human immune cells. These unique features of RLV147 may make it possible to simultaneously target multiple pathophysiological components of the disease state while eliciting few side effects due to its low cytotoxicity. The intended therapeutic indications are still under evaluation and will be determined after additional studies in vitro and in vivo disease models.